Mr Bear Perth


Mr. Bear Perth is a representative of Bears Perth Inc, who is crowned each year during our Mr. Bear Perth Competition.

The Perth Bear community through Bears Perth Inc. is searches each year for a person to represent Bears Perth Inc. in the coming year, and Perth’s contribution to the Mr Australasia Bear Festival. The title holder will represent our State in the Mr. Australasia Bear competition in June.


This competition is not to find the most attractive, large, muscled or most hairy bear. It is to find the man that most typifies what a bear is in today's ever-changing world. Someone who can uphold the values of self-confidence, masculinity, understanding and inclusiveness.


The title holder is expected to be an ambassador for the Bear community, promote a positive bear image, foster unity within the bear culture and be a role model for those new to the community. He must maintain an openness, respect, and willingness to work with all aspects of the LGBTIQ and wider communities.

Mr Bear Perth 2020

The Mr. Bear Perth 2020 Competition is almost upon us, and will be held this year on Saturday 28th March at Connections Nightclub, a proud and long time sponsor of Bears Perth.

This Year the competition forms a centre part of our Western Roundup festival, a 4 day event celebrating Bears Perth proud 27th anniversary, and making us the longest continually running bear group in Australia. 

The winner this year will get various prizes and the honour of representing Bears Perth, and all WA bears at the Mr Australasia Bear Competition in Melbourne at this year's Southern Hibernation (June - dates to be confirmed).

Entrance to the Competition 

If you are interested in entering the competition more information and forms will be shortly forthcoming. We would however recommend you contact one of the committee members to discuss what is involved and expected. You can do this by approaching us at a Den Night (see our Events Calendar) or please send your contact details to and we will contact you! 

All New Beginnings start with an End

We will be saying a fond farewell to Michael Della Maddalena who was our very active and proud Mr Bear Perth 2019, and will pass over the crown and a new sash to the 2020 winner. We thank Michael for all his hard work, for all his appearances and promotion of Bears Perth to the last, as below in last year's (2019) Pride WA parade. He has Bears Perth and the committee's heartfelt thanks and admiration.