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Home Sun, Jan 11th 2015, 09:28

Bears Perth aims to provide a comfortable environment for socialising and meeting new men and making friends. You don’t have to be big, hairy or bearded to be welcome! We are not a sex club like Bath houses/Saunas etc. 

Merchandise Wed, Nov 20th 2019, 17:44

Bears Perth Inc Merchandise - the current selection of branded merchandise 

Bears Perth Summer Pool Party Thu, Jan 7th 2021, 17:18

Our first event of 2021 is our Summer Pool Party on Saturday 23rd January from 3pm onwards, venue in Madeley. This is a ticketed event through Eventbrite $10.  

Welcome Back Den Night Thu, Jan 28th 2021, 19:31

Standard Den night at Loton Park Clun House from 8pm onwards, members free, non members $5 (Ticketed Event - Eventbrite) 

Bears Boat Float - River Cruise Tue, Feb 9th 2021, 07:51

Bears Boat Float - River cruise starting East Freemantle, Sunday 21st February from 1pm to 5pm, Tickets by Eventbrite $45 (and booking fee) 

Bears Perth Den Night Thu, Mar 4th 2021, 18:05

Den Night at Loton Park Club House 8 pm onwards, Members Free, Guests $5 (no tickets needed) 

Bears Do Drag Party Thu, Mar 4th 2021, 18:09

Bears Perth Den Night Saturday 24th April 8pm at Loton Park Club House - Members $10, Guests $15 (no tickets) 

Bears Perth Den Night Sat, Mar 27th 2021, 16:35

Bears Perth Den Night Saturday 10th April 8pm at Loton Park Club House - Members Free, Guests $5 (no tickets)