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Home Sun, Jan 11th 2015, 09:28

Bears Perth aims to provide a comfortable environment for socialising and meeting new men and making friends. You don’t have to be big, hairy or bearded to be welcome! We are not a sex club like Bath houses/Saunas etc. 

Merchandise Wed, Nov 20th 2019, 17:44

Bears Perth Inc Merchandise - the current selection of branded merchandise 

Western Roundup Lite Intro Sun, Jan 19th 2020, 11:35

Bears Perth presents Western Roundup Lite, a celebration of Bears Perth, Bears and our 27th Anniversary
November 7th to November 14th at various locations across Perth
All Events are Men Only 

Bears Perth OktoBearFest Night Fri, Sep 18th 2020, 16:47

Bears Perth Themed Den Night - OktoBearFest at Loton Park on Saturday October 10th starting at 7.30pm (No Tickets needed, Members Free, Non-Members $5)