Bears Perth aims to provide a comfortable environment where men can socialise and meet other men and make new friends.  You don’t have to be big, hairy or bearded to be welcome but you must be male (either cis-gendered or transgendered)!

We are not a sex club like Bath houses/Saunas etc.

We meet for Den Nights on the 2nd Saturday and the 4th Friday of the month at Loton Park Tennis Clubcorner of Bulwer and Lord St,  Highgate.   You can join the club at a Den Night or just pay for a casual visit (usually $5 or $10).  We also have additional social functions on the 2nd Sunday of the month at a member’s residence or venue as advised.  (see About Events page for more information).

The casual and friendly atmosphere of Bears Perth meetings has greatly contributed to it becoming Perth’s leading gay men’s social group.  If you wish to receive our free event update reminders and newsletter to keep in touch with what’s going on please contact info@bearsperth.org or  subscribe to a mailing list.

Our Yearly events list and upcoming event details are posted at the top of http://www.bearsperth.org page.

So you want to know more about Bears Perth Inc? You can discover where we began, our constitution and who the committee below.

If you wonder why we call ourselves the Oldest Bear Club in Australia, that is because since our inception in 1993 we are the longest continuously active Bear Club in Australia and have only changed our name (from WOMBATS to Bears Perth Inc)./