Bears Perth Inc is a registered community group open to Members, and guests. 

What is Membership?

Membership is an annual fee which supported the activities of the group and entitles members to the below benefits.

Members receive the following benefits

  •          Free Entry to standard Den Nights (guests pay a fee of $5 normally)
  •          Discounted entry to special Den and Party nights (guests will pay an increased entry fee)
  •          Invites and preferential access to Sunday Socials (guests may not be invited, or will have to wait behind  members when we have strict attendance limits)
  •          Discounted entry and ticket purchase for other Bear Groups around Australia (e.g. Vic Bears, Southern HiBearnation festival, Harbour Bears, Bear Essentials Festival)
  •          10% Discount from Eagle Leather in Melbourne
  •          Entry into the Den Night Chase the Bear draw
  •          Ability to nominate for Committee roles, vote in AGMs or other required votes, and to nominate for Life Membership

How does Membership Work?

The current membership is $25.00 per member for the period of April 1st to March 31st of the following year. However, if you join in January, February or March your membership will cover that year, and the next membership year!

How do I Join?

If joining for the first time there are two parts, firstly the membership form (a legal requirement) and then the standard fee.  So here’s how:

Here’s how… download the Bears Perth Membership form (PDF) (These rates for the 2018 or later membership year).

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Now you have some choices
  • Bring the completed form and your membership fee to a Den Night and give to the Committee members on the door; or
  •        Email the completed form to us at  along with proof of payment by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

See our page on EFT Payments for how to pay electronically.

Please note we strongly suggest against sending the completed form and payment through the standard post.

I am a member, how do I renew my membership

You will be sent a personalised renewal form by email in April of each Year.  Simply complete the form, correcting any old or incorrect information and then: 

  • pay us your new membership fee either on the door at a Den night and hand the form is as well; or
  • transfer the funds to us by EFT (instructions on the form) and post or hand the form in to us  

IMPORTANT:  When renewing we ask you to please complete the personalised form to ensure your details (address, mobile, email) are all accurate and up to date.  It is a legal requirement for us to hold current details, and without them we cannot include you in invites, membership votes and alerts to new events.

If you wish to renew your membership and are satisfied your details are all correct, then please either

  • pay us your new membership fee either on the door at a Den night; or
  • transfer the funds to us by EFT (please see our EFT payments page for instructions)