Meet the Mr. Bear Perth 2021 Contestants

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We’re close to our annual Mr. Bear Perth ceremony which is happening on Saturday 13 Nov from 7:00PM at Connections Nightclub.

Have you got your tickets yet?

The evening will be full of celebrations of what it is to be a bear. A great show including some unusual entertainment, a fun mid-way performance, a few surprises throughout the evening and the thrill of naming Mr Bear Perth 2021 who will represent WA at Southern HiBearnation in Melbourne and will compete for the coveted title of Mr Australasia Bear 2021.

This year’s winner will receive a flight to Melbourne, 5 nights’ accommodation, and other goodies.

Let’s meet this year’s contestants:


(Pronounced like Ian with an H)
I’m a 27-year-old comic artist making sweet gay romance and auto-biographical sex education!
I volunteer twice weekly at the Dogs’ Refuge Home keeping the rescues accompanied while they look for their forever homes. When not getting licked ’til I’m more dog liquid than man, I work freelance from home drawing comics about love and care and being loved and cared for.
Huge short-haired dogs! Bun bo Hue! Games with compelling narrative and sweet queer romances! Writing songs on my Ukulele and singing my heart out! BIG HUGS!!!


Good Hello! You may remember me as that drunken guy at Den Nights who’s usually doing accents or trying to see how many curse words I can fit into one sentence. 
About Me
I work for a film festival and I am currently training for another job which will be centred around working with Auslan. my Surname is winter and one time during romantic sexy time I said “winter is coming!!” But he didn’t laugh…. so that’s how I knew they weren’t the one.
Favourite Things
Making movie films, performing one man shows for my cat, beards, spending solid one on one time with my Monsteras, building pillow forts and drinking my weight in chai tea inside and all things related to Shania Twain.

Adrian (Zads)

Hey there, I’m Zads. 32 years old who’s returned to his home town after 6 years in Melbourne. I’m the one who brings the Harley to den night!
Work in information tech for a freight company. When I’m not working you can find me out on the bike, behind a camera reviewing (and enjoying) a drink or pumping the music!
Favourite things
Love me a nice gin! My Harley, travelling when I can and enjoying the company of my friends and my bear buddies!


Hi! I’m Tim. I’m 36 and have spent the past 18 years working in the building industry. After starting out as a bricklayer I worked my way into the office where I now work as an Estimator and Construction Consultant.
Now that you basically have my whole resume, a little more about me. I was born in Perth and lived here my whole life until 2017 when I moved to Sydney. After spending 4 years there, I returned to Perth in May this year.
In my spare time you will find me in the gym, watching drag race, playing footy or stumbling around at Den night.


Oh hey! I’m Dan or as some of you may know me Pup Coops!
About me
I’m a non-binary yellow pup and dog Baba to my doggo Dexter. I work within the workers comp space (don’t hold that against me too much!). When I’m not assisting injured workers I’m spending my free time either at the beach or playing for my amazing AFL team The Perth hornets! Here’s a Fun fact for you, I’m the OG Hornet having founded the club back in 2018 when I moved to Perth from Adelaide. I absolutely love a good drink and random adventures you can find me driving across Australia just because I got bored!
Favourite things
Red wine, road trips and random adventures! I love camping and have traveled most of Australia by car! Lastly my beautiful doggo Dexter! If you ask nicely I’ll show you pictures!
Super keen to compete!

What an exciting bunch of people competing for the title of Mr. Bear Perth 2021, we’re sure this will make for an exciting event and wish each of our contestents good luck!