• Mr. Bear Perth 2024 Competition Entry


What is 'Mr Bear Perth'?

Mr Bear Perth acts as community outreach and as a representative for Bears Perth Inc by providing community engagement, fundraising, leadership and support. While acting as a representative for the club, you will be a visible contributor to the wider Australasian bear community. You will promote the club at events locally and abroad, culminating in the Australasian Bear competition in June 2025.

This is an avenue to increase your visibility and build stronger community connections with the support of an incorporated club behind you.

Ultimately, what you do with the title of “Mr Bear Perth” will be up to you!


    As an entrant to Mr. Bear Perth, you will be required to:

    1.     Be a current Bears Perth member. If serving as a member of the Bears Perth committee, member will be expected to step aside from committee duties for the period of the competition (but may still contribute as a volunteer, as any other competitor) and may not be part of the western round-up production team.

    2.   Be a resident of Western Australia, with the expectation that you maintain residence during your title year.

    3.     Be male or male-identifying.

    4.     Have read and consented to acting in accordance with the Mr Bear Perth code of conduct should you be successfully titled.

    5.     Be willing to represent Bears Perth at Mr Australasia Bear in June 2025, held in Melbourne.

    Mr Bear Perth Code of Conduct

    1.   I will earnestly endeavour to fairly represent Bears Perth Inc, their sponsors and members of the club.

    2.     I will liaise & collaborate with Bears Perth Inc to support the club’s goals.

    3.     I will liaise & collaborate with Bears Perth Inc to support my title goals, i.e. fundraising, event creation and community engagement.

    4.     I will, where reasonable, attend Bears Perth Inc, events, functions and activities.

    5.     I understand that poor personal conduct, criminal activity, or failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in removal of my title, title sash and any relevant prizes received.

    The Competition & Judging Criteria

    Community Engagement

    Judged across Meet the Bears and competition night, Thursday 19 September @ Loton Park


           Communication and interaction with community

           Appropriately representing Bears Perth Inc.

           Behaviour and conduct

           Willingness to engage


    Conducted on the afternoon of the competition, Saturday 21 September 


           Knowledge demonstrated when answering questions

           Relevance of the answer to the given question

           Clarity of the answer given

           The ability to understand and respect the perspective of the person asking the question.

    Stage Rounds

    Judged during competition night, Saturday 21 September @ Connections Nightclub

    Taking place over 3 rounds; Everyday Bear, Bear Essentials, and Time to Shine


           Entertainment value

           Stage Presence




    Failure to attend a judged component may result in forfeiture of the component score and/or disqualification.

      Event Rules

      During the competition event, you must not:

      • Be under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances (if in doubt, check with the committee)
      • Make any comments that could be considered racist, sexist, transphobic or offensive to minority groups (the committee can help with sensitivity reading)
      • Be fully naked (You can be suggestive but cannot contravene licensing laws.)
      • Touch or interact with the Auslan interpreters
      • Leave the stage as part of your act
      • Bring audience members onto the stage or have them be part of your act (You can have others in your act, but they must be pre-arranged: no random selections from the audience as consent is needed beforehand)
      • Damage the stage or venue, including liquid damage and stains (If you have any liquid in your act, then you must use a drop-sheet and not stray outside it.), and
      • Use glitter or confetti of any type (even if it is biodegradable).

      Benefits for Successful Entrants

      • Free entry to all Western Roundup events for 2024
      • Additional prizes, supplied by our sponsors including:
        • Shane Jacob Settlements
        • Moose Knuckle Leather
        • Connections Nightclub
        • Eagle Leather
        • Steamworks

      In addition to the above prizes for entrants, the winner of Mr Bear Perth will win a fabulous prize showcase, including:

      • VIP Pass for Southern Hibernation in Melbourne to compete for Mr Australasia Bear 2025
      • A return airfare voucher and an accommodation voucher each to the value of $750 to compete at Mr Australasia Bear 2025 
      • A 1-year renewal of your Bears Perth membership
      • The Mr Bear Perth 2024 sash by Moose Knuckle Leather. (the sash remains the property of Bears Perth, Inc. and must be returned if requested by the committee.)
      • The opportunity to fundraise for your nominated charity 
      • A donation of $200 to your nominated charity by Bears Perth, Inc.

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      Bears Perth Inc. would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which we meet, the Whadjuk people, and pay our respects to Elders past, present and emerging.