There’s a first for everything, we get that, so we’re here to give you a few friendly tips for visiting a Bears Perth event at our Loton Park clubhouse.


Where do I enter?

Entry to the Loton Park Tennis Club is via Bulwer Street. There are two gate entrances, only the gate furthest east (closer to the city) will be open and in use. Through the gate is the wheelchair-accessible ramp which will lead you to the main deck, where our beary friendly front-desk staff will get you signed in and ready to rub shoulders with Perth’s bear community.


Can I park anywhere?

Sure you can, there is parking along the northern side of Bulwer street, or a grass area which is also accessible via a driveway off Bulwer street. Of course, we’re going to ask you to drive safely and to consider if you’re alright to drive when leaving the event.


What if I don’t know anyone?

Don’t worry, Bears Perth is a friendly social club, look for one of the friendly Bears Perth committee members wearing their Bears Perth shirt or jumper and we’ll get some introductions going. We’re usually spread out throughout the venue so just come up and say hi.


Is there a bar?

Ah yes, the most important question 😊 You’ll find our bar inside the clubhouse serving your favourite pre-mix beverages, soft drinks, and wine by the glass. Please note that there are two entries to the indoor bar area, with a wheelchair accessible entrance located on the southern side of the clubrooms.