Bear Fare for you to wear

How best can you show your support for Bears Perth Inc, and Bears in general - that's right get yourself branded!!!!
Bears Perth have a selection of branded merchandise, something you can wear and other your can use, and some both cool.
Our Merchandise team (aka Fraser) is always looking for new ideas so expect to see differing items from time to time. So always worth checking in with the webpage or Facebook to see what is available (subject to stock and size).
Items below indicated "no further stock" are on sale and will not be re-ordered.
If you are interested please either message us on Facebook and send an enquiry using the Contact Us form and provide us the details of what you want, and your details and we will contact you.  

Bears Perth Backpack
One Size - Red and black


Bear Perth Wrist Wallets
Real leather
Bear Perth Coffee Mugs

Cyber Polo Shirts (black)
Sizes S and M
(other sizes can be ordered)


Muscle Top
Various sizes
t-back Singlet
Various sizes